Monday 10 September 2007

Well here I am again, I have been debating, all be it with myself, as to what my aims are here. One thing I struggle with is that I have many ideas but they rarely happen when I'm sat at the PC. The problem then being is remembering those ideas and not altering them at the same time, you see I like to write as I think and not worry to much about proof reading (don't think that it's your job to do so either) that way you get my ideas in much the same way as I do. To be fair this might be wrong in some peoples eyes but it is the way I am and in much the same way you might like on author and not another it is your choice if like it or not, but if you don't I couldn't care less so don't waste your time telling me.

One thing I have been dwelling on is when to publish, you see for me part of the pleasure of reading blogs, magazines, papers etc is the looking forward to it. Now for instance I take one paper a week and two monthly magazine one sport one trade and it's the anticipation of there being in the paper shop (now there's a subject I will come back to) actually this maybe how this works I will highlight subjects that come along and then go back to them...... yes as I was saying time to publish, now I could write but not publish until say seven pm every Wednesday. Then you would know that there would be some new content to check out regularly.

One other thing is time. I believe in achieving something with everything you do in life, I have one very busy life so to be doing this needs reward. Now I could say it's a pleasure but then I like my day jobs and they pay me so why do this for free? Now I make reasonable money (£26 per hour no taboos here and another highlighted subject) when working an hourly rate but that doesn't excite me as I make more working to a price, so shall I make a target figure of a £1000 a year for this or shall I keep track of the hours involved and tell you how much you cost me. Now before you all go "your having a laugh you will make not a bean out this" ask yourselves why your reading this or indeed why are you publishing? How will I make this money I hear you say? Well I will save that for next week. As for what I do with such moneys I will no doubt treat a host friends, acquaintances etc to a fabulous dinner as I am more a giver than taker so stick around and you might be included.

So on to business thanks again to Chez for poking me in the eye and asking for more. Again go check him out at Smells Like White Spirit.


Saturday 11 August 2007

Well here I am my first Blog thanks to Chez at "Smells Like White Spirit". Check him out, filter through the lighter side and you will find an intellect and thoughtful side albeit with a perverse wit.
So to set out my stall, what shall I promise you? A thoughtful and honest dialect, a view of the universe that maybe you had never thought of, a free flowing stream of consciousness and maybe a spelling mistake or two with mediocre grammar thrown in for good measure. The latter two are what has brought me here thanks to a recent debate on education with Chez from "Smells Like White Spirit" and a Mr S, there comments have induced me to brush up a little on my English. Considering I have not had any formal education for many a year I am rather looking forward to it.
So subjects I shall be publishing in the future:- Birth of a universe, How did I get here and was it a good trip, A joke about "Three wise men", The truth about theories and how to spot a happy person.